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To HNIR Players:

We hope this message finds you and your families healthy and happy. Given Governor Northam's directive to move to Phase III on July 1, we are planning to start the 2020 HNIR Summer Season on July 13th.

In order to accomplish that we have created a plan that will require everyone — players and HNIR staff — to move quickly and efficiently.  

There will be some noticeable changes on how the rink is conducting business in order to stay compliant with both social distancing and the Virginia Department of Health's directives.  

  • To effectively clean the building after each on-ice session we will need all players to take off their skates and any outer equipment of their choice and vacate the locker room areas within 15 minutes of final horn.  We have had to add more staff and more time in between ice slots to accomplish the cleaning and turnover between games, staying on schedule will be critical.  If FaceOff cafe is open after your games at SNP you can eat / drink with your teammates there.
  • Locker rooms may be open, but only on a limited basis (max 8 inside a locker room) with additional spaced seating in the hallways. Showers will not be available at this time. 
  • Players will have to come to the rink mostly dressed and we will make alternative seating arrangements so you can put on your skates and any outerwear. Please be mindful that you will be changing in a public area with the potential for children or others within view. 
  • On the benches players should spread out as far as possible in between shifts. We will add extra seating at the end of the benches to help accomplish this. 
  • Players should try and maintain as much distance from each other and game personnel.  State guidelines call for 10' where practicable, during recreational sports.  While incidental contact is understandable and unavoidable. Getting in someone’s face will not be tolerated and will be subject to on ice discipline up to removal from the game.  This becomes a health and safety issue now.
  • To ensure social distancing penalty boxes will be limited to a maximum of one player each. A second penalty assessed while a team has a player in the box will result in a penalty shot. 
  • Per the Governor's mandate we ask everyone please wear a face mask at all times in the buildings except when on the ice. 
  • Anyone who is considered high risk or lives with someone high risk for serious complications from Covid-19 should not play.  
  • Most importantly if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or have been exposed to someone in the past 14 days with a suspected or confirmed case please do not enter the facility. 

In order to proceed quickly to a Summer Season we will take the following steps. Most of these were previously communicated and are not related to the Covid-19 situation:

  • Each team will need to have 15 registered/paid players (includes HNIR Annual Members) by July 3, 2020. This is a firm deadline and any teams not having 15 paid players will not move forward with the season. If a team does not get off the ground any registered players can join another HNIR team. This policy was a pre-Covid detail that was previously communicated.
  • John Lovell, HNIR Commissioner, will notify the Captains of the Divisions and number of teams in each Division once we have rosters confirmed.
  • Summer 2020 Season will still be 14-game minimum (including playoffs). Playoffs have been moved to single-elimination for all future HNIR seasons. This was also a pre-Covid detail that was previously communicated.

The vast majority of HNIR players are part of our HNIR Annual Membership program. It is important to note this is not a Monthly Membership Program. Because of the three-month pause in membership payments, and the business being forced to shut down, we are moving forward to provide you with the following options:

  • Current HNIR Members in good standing (all payments current through March 2020) are being given the option to continue their existing Membership through the end of the 2020-21 HNIR Winter season with no price increase. This will extend your Membership at it's current pricing and give you protection from a post-Covid price increase for the next two seasons.
  • 2019-20 Winter Single Season registrants will be given a $95 credit toward this or a future HNIR season. Contact me to get your Discount Code to apply to the HNIR Summer Season Registration.
  • Single Season pricing for Summer 2020 will be $395 for one team and $711 for two teams. Contact me if you are contemplating three teams.
  • New HNIR Annual Memberships will be $97.50 per month for one team and $157.50 for two months. This increase will not apply to any current members who opt into a commitment through the 2020-21 Winter Season.

We understand that this has been a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate through this reopening. We feel that we have put together the best plan to be able to offer HNIR this summer as safe as possible while complying with state mandates.