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HNIR Registration Options

Hockey Night in Richmond has two options for registration and payment listed below. 

  1. The first option is to become a HNIR Member (log into DaySmart and choose "Memberships and Passes")  For $110 per month (12-month commitment) you will be rostered on an HNIR team and for $175 per month you will be rostered on two HNIR teams. 
  2. The second option is to register on a season-by-season basis for the Winter or Summer seasons. 

The HNIR Membership program is a 12-month commitment.  The fees are non-refundable. This contract cannot be cancelled until the end of the 12 month term and will automatically renew for another 12 month term at the current price unless cancelled prior to renewal.

HNIR MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS INCLUDE: FREE Public Skating for member (not including skate rental), FREE Laser Tag for member (available at SkateNation Plus), $8 Friends & Family for Public Sessions and Laser Tag (not including skate rental); $25 off Birthday Party Packages ; Half Price Stick & Shoot Half Price Stick & Shoot/Pick Up

HNIR Membership Benefits Include

  • Discounted hockey - Winter & Summer league
  • FREE Public Skating for member (not including skate rental)
  • FREE Laser Tag for member (available at SkateNation Plus)
  • $8 Friends & Family for Public Sessions (not including skate rental)
  • $25 off Birthday Parties
  • Half Price Stick & Shoot/Pick Up
  • Automatic Monthly Payment (mandatory)

The HNIR Membership program is a privilege for players who can supply a regular, electronic form of payment.  Players who cannot provide this form of payment on a regular basis will be put into one of the season registration options.

HNIR members: If you have a current 1 or 2 team membership, you can now register for your team(s) in DaySmart

1) Log into DaySmart

2) Choose your division

3) Choose your team

4) Check out!  If you are currently registered for a membership your season fee will revert to $0 (If you do not currently have a membership, you can purchase one on this check out screen. You will then be registered for your team.

HNIR 2023-2024 Winter Season Registration

HNIR Winter 2023-24

$ 975

Program Highlights

  • October 2023-Spring 2024
  • includes playoffs
  • Six Divisions of play
  • Questions please call:

    John Lovell


  • Captains  email your rosters ASAP

    All players must register before they are eligible to play.

D1: Level - DaySmart Recreation

D2: Level - DaySmart Recreation

D3: Level - DaySmart Recreation

D4: Level - DaySmart Recreation

D5: Level - DaySmart Recreation

D6: Level - DaySmart Recreation

Please note all HNIR Winter Season registrations will come with an additional $40 fee for league insurance.