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    Summer HNIR Hockey

    It's time for summer hockey!

    Summer Season begins Tuesday, May 28.

    Week 1's schedule has been posted.
    View your team or division page for details.

    The full June schedule will be published by Tuesday, May 28.
    The remainder of the regular season will be published by June 15.

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    Summer 2024

    Begins Tuesday, May 28

    • Late May – Mid-September
    • 13 Game Regular Season
    • 1 Guaranteed Playoff Game
    • Single-Elimination Playoffs


    Contact our HNIR Commissioner

    John Lovell


    John Lovell

    John Lovell

    HNIR Commissioner

    Phone: 804-389-2193

    Gaby  Corcoran

    Gaby Corcoran

    Financial Support